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    VIA APC Debian Linux
    Download Image

    原 APC Debian image 有些使用上不方便 
    因此OSSLab 實驗室做了一些修改

    Install Image
    1.sudo fdisk -l
      you will see the your sd card disk, like /dev/sdb

    2.sudo dd if=your_image_file.img of=/dev/sdb bs=64k

    used "gparted" to change the rootfs partition size (原 ApricotImages image 為2GB 建議擴充)

    == arduino IDE  ==

    sudo apt-get install arduino arduino-core


    Download latest Arduino IDE, for example "arduino-1.0.3" now

    If you use the embedded Linux like "Linaro" etc....
    Please do below actions

    1.cd arduino-1.0.3
      cp /usr/lib/jni/librxtxSerial.so lib/librxtxSerial.so
      cp /usr/share/java/RXTXcomm.jar lib/RXTXcomm.jar
    2.cp /usr/bin/avrdude  arduino-1.0.3/hardware/tools/avrdude
      cp /etc/avrdude.conf arduino-1.0.3/hardware/tools/avrdude.conf

    3.cd arduino-1.0.3/hardware/tools/avr/bin
      cp /usr/bin/avr* .

    4.cd arduino-1.0.3/hardware/tools/avr/bin.gcc
      cp /usr/bin/avr-cpp .
      cp /usr/bin/avr-g++ .
      cp /usr/bin/avr-gcc .

    5.cd arduino-1.0.3/hardware/tools/avr/lib/gcc/avr
      rm -rf *
      cp -r /usr/lib/gcc/avr/4.x.x .

    6. cd arduino-1.0.3/
       ./arduino &

    == ser2net

    1.sudo apt-get install ser2net
    2.sudo vim /etc/ser2net.conf
      Add below, "3001" is port number.....
      3001:raw:600:/dev/ttyUSB0:9600 NONE 1STOPBIT 8DATABITS XONXOFF LOCAL -RTSCTS

    every time you reboot your board, you need to do
    sudo chmod 666 /dev/ttyACM0 or
    sudo chmod 666 /dev/ttyUSB0

    ===== mjpg-streamer ======= (將USB mjpeg webcam 轉為IP CAM 服務) 

    1.sudo apt-get install libjpeg-dev libjpeg62-dev
    2.svn co https://mjpg-streamer.svn.sourceforg.../mjpg-streamer mjpg-streamer
    3.cd mjpg-streamer/mjpg-streamer
    4. ./start.sh
    5. If you want to change the http port:
       vim plugins/output_http/output_http.c:86
       port = htons(8080); <<== change the port number


    sudo apt-get install lua5.1
    sudo apt-get install liblua5.1-0-dev
    sudo apt-get install libssl-dev
    sudo apt-get install libncurses5 libncurses5-dev   
    sudo apt-get install bridge-utils        

    ==  lighttpd ===
    Reference: http://phorum.study-area.org/index.php?topic=67673.0

    1. sudo apt-get install lighttpd
    2. sudo vim /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf
    index-file.names            = ( "index.php", "index.html",
                                    "index.lua", "index.cgi",   <== 加了兩個
                                    "index.htm", "default.htm",
                                   " index.lighttpd.html" )

    在"indlsex-file.names"裡加了兩個預設首頁檔名, 可以不加沒關係

    3. sudo vim /etc/lighttpd/conf-available/10-cgi.conf
    ==> 加入這個  alias.url = ( "/cgi-bin/" => "/var/www/cgi-bin/")

    4. sudo lighty-enable-mod cgi
    5. sudo /etc/init.d/lighttpd restart

    == kernel ==

    1.wget http://www.codesourcery.com/sgpp/lit...ux-gnu.tar.bz2
    2. sudo cp arm-2009q1-203-arm-none-linux-gnueabi-i686-pc-linux-gnu.tar.bz2 /usr/local
    3. sudo tar -jxvf arm-2009q1-203-arm-none-linux-gnueabi-i686-pc-linux-gnu.tar.bz2
    4. vi ~/.bashrc
       export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/arm-2009q1/bin

    Build Kernel

    1.git clone https://github.com/apc-io/apc-8750.git
    2.wget http://www.raspbian.org/ApricotImage...3_kernel.patch
    3.cd apc-8750
      patch -p1 < apc_apricot_r3_kernel.patch
    4.cd kernel
     a. make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-linux-gnueabi- ubin
     b. make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-linux-gnueabi- modules
     c. mkdir /some/where/your/folder/modules
     d. make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-linux-gnueabi- INSTALL_MOD_PATH=/some/where/your/folder/modules modules_install

    5. insert your sd card
     a. cp uzImage.bin /media/BOOT
     b. sudo cp -r /some/where/your/folder/modules/lib/modules /media/APC/lib


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